Stephen has been a singer-songwriter and producer for 20 years. He plays all instruments in his songs. More than just being entertainment, he believes that music has the ability to heal and to inspire. During these difficult times, Stephen's aim is to help to lift the vibration by making music to nourish humanity. 


He quotes "We are going through a change on this earth right now, that if we don't slow down using all this technology we will forget the basic factors and fundamentals that we as humans need to love one another and to live in harmony. We are fighting a lot of dark forces right now and it is very important to start to look within us as humans and to realize our uniqueness and to learn we are all the same particles of consciousness of the light and beautiful energy as the one and only creator - God!"

Stephen encourages everyone to follow their own path of finding love, truth and spiritual wisdom - not only for the benefit of themselves but with the wider goal of improving life everywhere. 


For further viewing Stephen recommends to check out his website