Stephen James "Save the Children"

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They say our species is defined by how we treat our most vulnerable..
Our Children..
Yet, millions of children disappear every year and are thrown into the darkest depths of hell 
and it is barely spoken about?
How in this day and age is child trafficking the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world?
How is the trafficking of our beautiful, innocent, vulnerable children a 150 billion dollar a year industry?
It’s already worth more than the arms trade and it’s about surpass the drugs trade.
These are living, breathing, feeling children and babies, some of these victims are as young as 6 months old.

The average survival age of a trafficking victim is seven years old and at that time they could’ve been raped up to 6000 times.
This is the real plague across this earth and the second is the apathy towards this situation.

This is so much more widespread and prevalent than we realise, it is happening under our noses and we are turning a blind eye.
As a human race I don’t see how we can call ourselves civilised, all the time this devastating abuse of our most vulnerable is taking place.
This should not be an awkward conversation?
This should not be a taboo situation?
We need to learn to speak about the unspeakable, to be able to shine light on the darkest corner of our earth.

This isn't a political issue, this isn’t a race issue, this is happening to children
of every class in every race around the world.
We need to come together as intelligent civilised adults, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and address this issue and think of a way we can fight this horror once and for all.
Please help us become a voice for the voiceless and even just start this conversation for the children and turn the tide of humanity.